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Dear Partners and Customers! 

On the behalf of Thanh Thanh limited liability technical rubber company, I want to send the warmest greetings and most sincere thanks to our partners and customers that has always believed, collaborate and use our products and services.

Thanh Thanh limited liability technical rubber company was founded in 2017, with main activities are manufacturing and supplying products from rubber follows the request of our customers, we also supply raw materials, semi-finished product and supply all kinds of rubber chemicals serving the footwear industry, rubber industry, technical rubber ...

Up to now, the company is in the development stage, gigantic plant with the same base modern equipment facility at Giang Dien industrial zone, Dong Nai. Besides, the board is full of enthusiasm and the team of employees with high qualifications, modern management techniques, working under the motto:

''Outstanding value - perceiving improvements''

We always try our best in the process of formation and development in order to enhance the competitiveness of the company and improve the quality of our products. At the first step, we have earned  the faith and the trust with many customers. Thanh Thanh limited liability technical rubber company is honored to be in the supply chain of international partners as:

  • American market: Petmate - pet toys, rubber technology
  • Australian market: raw materials, Compound rubber, chemical rubber.
  • Japanese market: Rubber soles and sell shoes products in skiing sport.
  • Korea's market: iron pallet, pig leather, neat's-leather...

In Vietnam, we have partnered with big company: Bitis, Dong Hung, Cao su mau, Cu Hung, Ty Xuan, Phu Rieng, Binh Long, Cao su Sao Vang, ...... 

Thanh Thanh limited liability technical rubber company hoping in the future we will have more opportunities to expand the sustainable cooperation with partners in the country and abroad, striving to become one of the top manufacturers that provide technical rubber products in Vietnam.

We always want to bring Outstanding values and satisfaction for our dearest Partners.

We are committed to provide superior values to our partners, customers with the effort in our work and many research efforts to find ways to optimize the production in order to cooperation and development mutually, materials suitable for each type of product, the reasonable formula, a nice design for the product, high quality and suitable for consumers.

''Let Thanh Thanh brings outstanding value
The gratification and satisfaction for our dearest Partners''.

Best regards
Chairman of the Members' Council
Vo Van Hung


Road No. 5, Giang Dien Industrial Zone, Giang Dien Commune, Trang Bom District, Dong Nai Province, Vietnam

Tax ID: 3603471501

+84 251 368 6677